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Presenting Us

Options, tech sheet, publicity tools . .


Rouge has:   EPK

 •  One sheet overview


 •  Posters template.  See sample!

   Community workshops for voice, music and dance.

  • Backdrop curtain that is translucent!  Looks lovely with lights behind it.  Frames band, lightly covers ugly backgrounds.  Sparkling red, yellow, orange two feet wide sections. Opague white curtains option as well.  12' across x 7' high. Two tripod stands.  


  • Small footprint Bose tower speaker.  Covers large area, sound more even close and far than normal systems.  Our monitor is relatively inconspicious.

 •   Photos for press-group: web sizes + 300dpi photos,  

​        Sexy chanteuse shots for posters or press:  Red dress  or Bustier

 •    Stage plot & technical sheet

  • iPod through system can play your or our recorded music for breaks. For a small fee, it can play recorded music after group. Want your favorite artist mix for rocking out?!  This saves on DJ bill!

  • We can play in smaller configurations if space or budget does not allow the full

       5-piece.  Duos, trios, quartets, quintet.  

  • Want more cirque sound?  Dancing sound? We can add tuba and/or percussion.

  • Vocalist can Emcee & provide microphone for toasting.

"This music is due for a resurgence!" - Brad Eaton, KING FM



More group & individual bios at:

  • Rouge


Call if you have any questions! 425.246.4446


Peter Shaw Photography

Logo 300dpi.

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