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EPK ~ Rouge

Rouge takes a joyous "no-jet-lag" trip to France with Parisian classics, gypsy jazz, and originals!  Warm interaction, lush musicianship, harmonies and joie de vivre!  Rouge's dance, mime, and stories make French songs accessible and English songs fantastic fun!

This vibrant quartet is 3-octave vocalist/dancer Janet Rayor; Scottish fiddling champion/vocalist Brandon Vance; jazz pianist/harmonist Clayton Murray, and award-winning accordionist/arranger Toby Hanson.

Founded in 1998, Rouge's present members have collaborated from

5-10 years.  Music is primarily from 1930-60's, with some modern and originals. 

"Rayor charmed the audience . . .a pitch-perfect chanteuse, dancing through the audience . . . connecting with young and old alike . . . musicianship was nothing short of superb!" -My Edmonds News

Rouge recordings can be heard on NPR, CBS, The Food Channel, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean video game, films, theater soundtracks, and radio internationally. Rouge and their family show, Ella-Bella Bee & the Pollinators, are part of the prestigious 4Culture Touring Artist Roster.

Rayor was learning languages to finally become an opera singer, when she sang an Edith Piaf song for her class that had students crying at 9 a.m. Knowing this was home, she went back to the original dream of singing Parisian classics 25 years ago. She’s collaborated with her present trio of beloved, insanely talented musicians for 5-10 years. She began singing and performing at just 11 years, trained with Claude Caux, co- founder of the Marcel Marceau school at 13, and acted, danced, and stilt-danced with various companies. Yet it is this music— and the art of engaging people—that romances Rouge into evolving, composing, and integrating talents. to make life a bit more à la Vie en Rose.

Live Rouge Modern Gypsy Jazz - by Zaz

Bring in Audiences!

Rouge has a natural link to romance, art, wine, chocolate, swinging and waltzing.

  • Arrange to have a social dance or ballroom teacher join vocalist on on La Vie en Rose.  Invite local dance clubs and schools to come and dance.  Offer program credit, announcement from stage or group discount.  These are tight social communities that believe in dance.

  • Hold pre-show/intermission wine-tasting or chocolate reception.

  • Hold 45 min. after-show waltz and swing dance party.

  • Hold chocolate or other recipe cooking contest and announce winner at intermission (Can support theatre or cause, with winner getting tickets to another show.) Possibly involve a cooking school as judges.

  • Art-call for show with exhibit on stage or lobby for top 6-10.  Involve an art school or art museum.

  • Offer group discount to French Meet-ups & l’Alliance Française.

  • Provide paper and display audience stories of their romances in lobby. Read short one in second half. Could invite community ahead of time to write and submit their one page romances to fill lobby!  Can be posted on clotheslines with clothes pins between tripods.

  • Take advantage of group's outreach workshops!

  • Cross-market with opera companies, wineries, art museums, social dance teachers, and chocolateries by providing space for their brochures as they take yours for display.  Provide program credit to any that invite their members or buy large group tickets.

  • Outreach show:

    Immigrant influences on French Music (College, high school, senior)


  • Master Workshops (Advertise for directly after show, day prior or same day):

    French Valse Dance 

       Embodying the Voice & Total Performance

       Scottish/Breton fiddle

       Ensemble playing- structure and freedom

       Balance- Knee Too! (retirement or open community)

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