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Private Vocal Lessons



"The progress that I have seen in my voice since working with Janet is astonishing to say the least.

I have seen other coaches and didn’t really learn anything. We just did scales, breathing exercises, and usually I was left with a hoarse voice. This is not your average vocal coach. Janet is all about technique and making sure you still have a voice in 30 years. I didn’t even realize what proper singing was before I went to her. Now, I can belt high notes effortlessly and I am learning true skill. Plus, the price is fantastic for the quality of the education. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things. She is so professional and personable. Just try even 1 lesson, you won’t stop coming."  Sierra Skye, Feb 20, 2021 

More reviews:

Fundamentally expand range, ease, tone, expression, sense of yourself. Certain movements, stretching & positioning allow people to shift

ingrained habits and build freedom. If one technique doesn't work, you'll have five more to succeed! After 4 decades of performing professionally, I absolutely love making it easier for others to find their voice.  I've taught privately and workshops for over 2 decades.  It is incredibly satisfying to watch people progress so quickly, and expand their sense of themselves so deeply! 


I'm a great vocal technique teacher for a variety of styles: pop, musical theater, folk, classical, country, French cabaret, and various ethnic styles.  Go to someone else for true R & B, rock screaming, or opera.  Songwriters, teens 13 +, beginners who just want to grow, and active performers all have found amazing growth with me.  Many come after unsatisfying experiences with other teachers.

Lessons are 55-60 min. $60, discounts for low-wage earners. High-wage earners often pay more because they value it!  This helps fund lower fees for students and low wage earners.  ​Lessons are half technique and half applying to songs/speech and interpretation.

CALL to schedule Mon-Thurs. You can text, but I prefer speaking with each person prior to lesson.  This is free. 


Voice lessons  empower people fundamentally.  

Students are brought together for community and performance--when ready-- 2-4 times a year.  

To schedule a lesson (or workshop) call (425) 246-6664

" I am so excited to finally begin to RE-FIND MY VOICE!!!  This is so good!!!  I love your energy and how you "get me".  I have worked with other teachers that just wanted to change me to fit into their mold of what they thought I should be.  I am an oldie but a goodie and I want to shine as long as I can!!!  Thanks for helping me shine!  You are so much fun to work with."  Bonnie Sandberg, 2017


I can completely recommend Rayor as a teacher! She is extraordinary with teenagers

- Bruce Monroe, Seattle conductor/musical director for Village Theatre, Summit K-12, Empty Space, and 5th Avenue Theatre.

Link to Performing Students

Surprisingly, as my students can attest,

I teach well what I do not sing!

However, here is me singing:

Romance de Paris video

Accordion Lessons


Toby Hanson likes working with students who are excited about practicing to get better.  

He has a Bachelor's degree in music composition from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. 

He plays a broad range of music in various meters and with an abundance of finesse and humor!

He regularly composes, writes charts, and arranges.



Violin Lessons

Brandon Vance teaches inventive lessons that take you beyond just playing notes, to playing music!  

Both classical and fiddle-based, he can also open up the window to improvising.

fiddle lessons, classical violin lessons, singing lessons, voice lessons, accordion lessons, & music lessons:

(425) 246-6664


Me singing Mozart! - Rayor
Me more jazzy - Unknown Artist
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