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Cary Black has produced many albums.  At Evergreen State College, Olympia, he taught music theory and improvisation.

Privately, he guides ensembles in arrangements and vocal harmonies.

He has taught upright bass for 20 years at the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop.  California Coast  Music Camp, Greater Yellowstone Music Camp, Bluegrass at the Beach, B.C. Bluegrass Workshop, Sound Acoustic Music Camp, and Wintergrass Academy also have engaged him as a bass teacher. 

Described by Alan Senauke in Sing Out! magazine as "a musician's musician," 


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"Embody Your Voice" ~ Workshop

"A real saturated, confident, passionate approach that had immediate impact on everyone. . .probably one of the best workshops that we have had in five years!" -Chameleon Performances.  

Workshops are big group warm-ups and then master class one on one.  Past workshops at Calvin College, Grand Valley University, Songwriters in Seattle, Big Apple Clown Care.

Voice lessons  empower people fundamentally.  I grew up learning how to teach from my mother, an award-winning teacher.  I have taught teenagers and adults privately for over twenty years. Work with trans women has helped me understand voice on a deeper level. 

I can teach both in French and English.

Lessons are half technique and half applying to songs/speech and interpretation.  

Students are brought together for community and performance--when ready-- one to two times a year.  

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To schedule a lesson (or workshop) call (do not email) (206) 706-3322

" I am so excited to finally begin to RE-FIND MY VOICE!!!  This is so good!!!  I love your energy and how you "get me".  I have worked with other teachers that just wanted to change me to fit into their mold of what they thought I should be.  I am an oldie but a goodie and I want to shine as long as I can!!!  Thanks for helping me shine!  You are so much fun to work with."  Bonnie Sandberg, 2017

"Blayne absolutely adores you and loves every moment spent learning with you.  What you have accomplished with him has been amazing to my husband and I. 

His voice is becoming so rich and beautiful.  That is a direct result of Blayne's trust in you and his relationship with you.  So glad we found you!" - Lorrie Shamarin, 2015


I can completely recommend Rayor as a teacher! She is extraordinary with teenagers

- Bruce Monroe, Seattle conductor/musical director for Village Theatre, Summit K-12, Empty Space, and 5th Avenue Theatre.


                                                                                      What I sound like


Accordion Lessons                                                             


Toby Hanson likes working with students who are excited about practicing to get better.  

He has a Bachelor's degree in music composition from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. 

He plays a broad range of music in various meters and with an abundance of finesse and humor!

He regularly composes, writes charts, and arranges.



Violin Lessons

Brandon Vance teaches inventive lessons that take you beyond just playing notes, to playing music!  

Both classical and fiddle based, he can also open up the window to improvising.


Bass, Ensemble, and Music Theory Lessons


Me singing Mozart! - Rayor
Me more jazzy - Unknown Artist
me low Latin tune - Unknown Artist