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"A dynamic group musically and visually... An engaging and versatile vocalist, Elle Rayor also inhabits the music as a dancer, an actress, and a clown... thoroughly entertaining."


- Jane Prancan, Foundation Director, Denver Art Museum & Seattle Art Museum exhibit sponsor

Connect with Rouge

How to Book Us:

For concert series: 

Contact me directly calling-425-246-6664 for fastest response, text, or (may take 1-3 days) email



Fundraiser or Greater Seattle bookings: CALL Rouge

Contact me directly calling-425-246-6664 for fastest response or

I am an artist.  I need some relationship.

Plus I'm not on email all day to remain sane!

Then we can do more by email.  


Pricing varies.

Let me know:

  • Where (Seattle is different than Whidbey island or New York City)?

  • When is it--DAY of the week, DATE, TIME?

  • How many hours?

  • What is event? (A theatre concert takes different preparation than a fundraiser at The Grand Hyatt.  Weddings take more preparation than restaurant gigs.)

  • Using our sound system?


We offer options.

We want you to be happy.  

We want the budget to work for you.

We want the songs just right.


Let's talk.                                        More info. here


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