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The Tango Buzz 2018 ©Janet Rayor

(Part of educational show, Ella-Bella Bee & the Pollinators)

Munching in a corn patch

A beetle scorned me,

“You think you are so cultured  

But you're only just a Bee

Yes, you make honey

But your dancing? An art? 

You don't sing arias! ( “like Crickets”)

Or write poetry that's smart! “ 


He sniffed and belittled

As I prepped my backside

"I said dance is a language

these steps, have you tried?

Dance is pure pleasure

When you vibrate your wings

A joy-full art--that tells many things:

verse 1:

I hop from side to side—entering the hive

It's a “Brush me!” dance—so stylists will arrive

Pollen collected from my fuzz-- feeds new Bees

Queen Bee gets a buzz


To tell the distance of snacks, I have spied 

I do a figure eight, directions implied

If snacks are far I figure eight, 

round dance when they are near

Count up the laps, when I waggle my rear!



And when new queens need to fly

We dance to say

Go mate with all the guys

You'll need those eggs!

We need new kin!

We shake our butts 

and then we'll spin!

verse 2:

To find fresh digs, I spend a good half hour

To measure length and width, Up and down I scour

Buzz back to home, to chat-up this choice,

I bump and shimmy, dancing is my voice.


Us scouts dance our findings, Conga lines ensue 

Each describes new digs, our sisters to woo

Who wins the most dancers when they perform

Waggled the best answer, n' leads the whole swarm, 

[instrumental for dance]

Dances for a new home--Dances where to roam!

Dances to keep warm---Danger 'n when to swarm

Dances to be brushed--Dances when to mate

Dance a nice tune. . .

So new queens won't be ate!


And when new queens need to fly, We dance to say.

Go mate with all the guys--You'll need those eggs, 

We need new kin!--We shake our butts,  (indicating to audience to shake their butts)

Yes, we shake our butts, & spin!

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