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Les Comediens by Plantes et Aznavour

Come see the actors!

See the musicians!

See the magicians!

They've arrived!


The actors install their platform

They set up the open air stage

And tighten the banners

The actors roamed the quarter

They paraded to the beating of drums

In front of the church a circus wagon painted green

With theatre chairs open to the sky

And behind them like a boisterious procession

They draw in the whole countryside


Come see the actors!

See the musicians!

See the magicians!

They've arrived!


If you like to see mischief-makers* get overcome and confused

In a story a little sad,

Where everything comes together in the end,

If you love seeing lovers tremble

You lament over Baptiste†

Or laugh with the happy ones

Push the curtain and come in, sit down

Under the stars, the curtain will rise

When the three beats resound** in the night

They will come to life again, the actors!


Come see the actors!

See the musicians!

See the magicians!

They've arrived!


The actors took down their trestles

They removed the stage

And folded up the banners

They will leave deep in each heart

A little serenade and the happiness of Harlequino††

Tomorrow morning the sun will rise

They'll be far and we will believe that we've dreamed

But for now, they are traveling through the night

To other sleepy villages, the actors.


Come see the actors!

See the musicians!

See the magicians!

They've arrived!


*Mischief-makers are probably versions of Harlequino, Zanni and Columbina, the classic commedia del arte servant characters who cause mischief. These characters are animal-like, driven by their basic hungers and emotions. They endear themselves to the audience, having the audience's sympathies over the self-important, aristocratic, and high-status characters.


†Baptiste was a character in Children of Paradise. A sad, white-faced mime, he fell irrevocably in love with a beautiful courtesan who ultimately does not return his devotion.


**Traditionally one hears a stick beat prior to a mime or commedia performance. It gets the audience's attention and then finishes with three clear beats to start the show.


††Harlequino is a very happy, fun, trickster character. He wears the multiple diamond shapes costume.



Les Comediens


Viens voir les comédiens

Voir les musiciens

Voir les magiciens

Qui arrivent


Les comédiens ont installé leurs tréteaux

Ils ont dressé leur estrade

Et tendu des calicots

Les comédiens ont parcouru les faubourgs

Ils ont donné la parade

A grand renfort de tambour

Devant l'église une roulotte peinte en vert

Avec les chaises d'un théâtre à ciel ouvert

Et derrière eux comme un cortège en folie

Ils drainent tout le pays, Les comédiens


Si vous voulez voir confondus les coquins

Dans une histoire un peu triste

Où tout s'arrange à la fin

Si vous aimez voir trembler les amoureux

Vous lamenter sur Baptiste

Ou rire avec les heureux

Poussez la toile et entrez donc vous installer

Sous le étoiles, le rideau va se lever...

Quand les trois coups retentiront dans la nuit

Ils vont renaître à la vie, les comédiens.



Les comédiens ont démonté leurs tréteaux

Ils ont ôté leur estrade et plié les calicots,

Ils laisseront au fond du coeur de chacun

Un peu de la sérénade et du bonheur d'Arlequin

Demain matin quand le soleil va se lever

Ils seront loin, et nous croirons avoir rêvé

Mais pour l'instant ils traversent dans la nuit

D'autres villages endormis, les comédiens


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